Bourbon White Balsamic Vinegar

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Bourbon White Balsamic Vinegar

This versatile Bourbon White Balsamic Vinegar displays hints of oak, caramel and vanilla, with a kick of Bourbon flavor. This is a fun flavor to add to so many things...

Delicious uses for Bourbon White Balsamic Vinegar would be:

  • Desserts: Pour over macerated stone fruit. Drizzle over French vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Pour over angel food cake and orange pieces.
  • Proteins: Works beautifully with chicken and poultry. Use as a marinade with our Citrus Habanero EVOO (for a kick) or Rosemary EVOO (herbal notes).
  • Seafood: Use this as a finishing glaze on grilled swordfish or halibut.
  • Cocktails: Add to a Black Cherry White Claw. Make a vodka Old-Fashioned with orange and cherry.
  • Mocktails: Add to flavored soda waters. Add to apple cider with cinnamon and some of our Fig White Balsamic, and a cherry.
  • Salad Dressings: Mix with Champagne Vinegar and Horseradish, and our Blood Orange EVOO.


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